Stories From Far And Near

The Fighter!

They were madly in love and everything about them was perfect until Rose was diagnosed with Bone Cancer. She needed mental support to go through the trauma and treatment but Joy was gone, nowhere to be seen. He had taken up assignment in Canada and was not reachable leaving behind a white paper on the table with blue ink ‘I can’t see you dying’. Rose felt like giving up, all the work pressure and the sudden feeling of vulnerability left her over exposed. The Chemo was less harmful then the emptiness of the house.

Few days later she met a young girl of nine years in a support group, full of life and the darling of the group. She used to make everyone laugh with her pranks and daily stories. Rose came to know later that Claire was from orphanage and her treatment totally depended on donations. She decided to adopt her, but the road was not easy due to her critical stage. Finally she won the case and Claire was with her. They both had a magical bonding which reflected on their treatment also. Both were healing miraculously. Claire was showing good results in hospital and school. Rose’s parents were also very fond of Claire. They were having wonderful time, when all of a sudden Joy came back. He was sitting on the sofa when Rose entered with Claire. She realized she had not changed the locks after he left and he had a spare key. How can people just walk out and comfortably come back without explanations and how can they think they would be forgiven, she thought, when he came running and hugged her. She stepped aside and opened the door, asking him to leave. Rose was a Survivor finally.