The story teller


In India these monkey story tellers used to be common, but now a days they are seen only in folk based restaurants or special events.

I won’t go into the details of right or wrong treatment to the animals in this but unfortunately  this is a vanishing story telling art.




A home maker

When we have kids, the whole life revolves around them. How to behave, how to react to things , what to eat, where to go, everything. What do we get at the end, nothing.

I left my very rewarding and respected job before my second child was born (5 years back) because in the new city that we shifted I did not have support system to take care of them behind my back. Now after years, am considered a good for nothing home maker who has nothing significant to contribute in anyone’s life. Am the first to get up in the morning, do everything to make life smooth for the family, the last person to sleep, but still most of the people ask – what do you do the whole day? As if angles come and do things by magic.

Forget thankfulness or gratitude, my work is not even recognised by anyone because I am a simple home maker. On the other hand, the bread earner is respected and praised and given his due regards because he is the .. well Male of the house!

A women working and managing home is supposed to be superwoman- handle everything without being tired ever. But she does get a bit of respect because she is working. Home mom is worthless. Why??

Leave your self respect, your life for someone and expect nothing in return. Keep moving, keep doing!!

Is it not pathetic

Stories from Far and Near

31st July 2016


When a Boy and Girl Met

This is not a fairy tale so will not have a ‘Once upon a time’ and ‘they lived happily ever after’ startends. This is the story about a boy named Shekhar and a girl named Ria.

Shekhar was in his final year of Masters in Journalism and Ria had just joined. They had met in one of the junior senior interaction. His friends were sitting on the terrace and in front of them were the shattered and shivering new juniors. Some of them were comfortable but few showed the typical signs of nervousness. When Shekhar entered he saw a beautiful almond eye girl in White dress standing for her turn with trembling hands. She was looking stunning, so innocent and totally unaware of the impact her beauty was having on people around her, boys taken aback and girls in jealousy. Shekar was the star of college football team and leader of student union. Ria was an introvert, she did what was told and then simply sat looking down. Shekar was doubtful, she even noticed him. But he got to talk to her in the evening in administration wing when Ria was looking for hostel and he got a chance to help her get one. This was the beautiful beginning of a tragic end.

Ria was very shy and Shekar was just the opposite, he helped her to overcome her fears and made her participate in all college events. In the process she became self-confident and the darling of college.  Shekar and Ria were from different worlds, they were incompatible and impossible but still the whole college saw them as the best future couple. But they considered each other as only best friends. She never gave him a sign to think beyond friendship because she never bothered to tell him that her engagement was already over with a boy of her father’s choice. Her friends knew she was using Shekhar to just do well in college but he was slowly and unknowingly falling for her.

The day of Goodbye’s came, in the party Shekhar had decided to confess his love for Ria. The ball was going on and everyone was in the joyful mood, dancing and hurdling around. There entered a beautiful girl in Pink and all the boys skipped a heartbeat!!! Shekhar got down on his keens and finally proposed to her. Ria was so taken aback and tears rolled down her eyes, finally after few minutes which seemed like eternity SHE said YES to him. The ballroom went silent, everyone was shocked, and then finally all started laughing and festivity started again with a magical energy. Her eyes had that question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.

Shekhar had to join a big media group in another city and Ria had to finish her final year. She had become very close to his parents and was like a family member for his dad and mom. Life went on and finally she had to leave for her new horizon. This was the age of mobiles and video calls so you don’t say good byes so easily. But distances do matter. Her calls became less and less, at times went unanswered.

His parents were now looking for a suitable match for him but he was totally and madly in her spell. She was gone long back but he justified that she was busy in her work as he was in his. Finally Shekhar’s calls stopped coming and Ria was relaxed. After six months she called up his number but it came out of existence, so she called his Dad’s number. He picked up and she invited them to her marriage and requested to talk to Shekhar. His dad’s voice braked, after a long pause he informed that Shekhar had gone far away and it was not possible to contact him. Ria thought that he was upset with her marriage and did not want her to talk to Shekhar, she thanked him and kept the phone. She didn’t have the time to think much on this because all her shopping and preparations were due.

Finally the D-day came and all her friends turned up, she was expecting Shekhar to also show up, after all they were best buddies, so what that they had a terrible fight the last time they talked over phone. This does not mean he will stop calling or not even show up in her marriage. This was not done! She picked up her phone babbling about all this when Ramesh snatched the phone from her hands and finally told her the news. Shekhar had died in a road accident 10 days earlier than when she had called his father last. They did not want to upset her so did not tell about their loss. Nothing could be done now so why bother others, and above all Shekhar always wanted Ria to be happy so no one had the courage to tell her about his sudden demise. No one knew what happened or how he ended up speeding in that rainy evening on the high way where a truck hit him.

Ria knew at that very moment that it was the time when they had last talked and she told him she will never talk to him again. She wanted to shout and cry but no sound came out of her mouth, her eyes were dry. She was feeling numbness and suffocation but on the surface there was nothing. She could not breath, darkness was all over. But this was not what he wanted. He wanted her to be happy, ALWAYS! So it will be, she stood up walked to the other room where everyone was waiting for the bride. She touched the emrald ring in her right hand which was his last gift and moved on.

Every story does not have a perfect ending and explanations, but her’s was a happily ever after!!! What happened to the parents who’s only son died so young, what happened to Shakher in the last moments, no one will ever know?