Almora – Uttarakhand Travel Diaries

Another post in one of my series of Western Himalayan Region.

I spent my early childhood in Almora and started schooling from this cozy little city, so my bonding and memories flooded back. Visit to this place took me back to my childhood, the running around in those markets, climbing and enjoying around. The smell of government hospital, sweets and lemon drink. City looked very congested and packed with tourists now. Huge traffic issues have made roads look very small and overflowing with people. Earlier there were hardly any faces and most of them familiar. Now it looked like a pool of strangers and imagine a Five floor parking on the hills. Police was controlling anyone to stop on the market road, preventing any traffic jam. Somewhere the beauty of the small town was lost.

Almora is located on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalaya range, at a distance of 365 km from the national capital New Delhi and 415 km from the state capital Dehradun.

Almora was founded in 1568 by King Kalyan Chand, however there are accounts of human settlements in the hills and surrounding region in the Hindu epic Mahabharata (8th and 9th century BCE). Almora was the seat of chand kings that ruled over the Kumaon Kingdom. It is considered the cultural heart of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.


A view on the way to Almora


Pine trees
Soaking the sun


Police controlling traffic
Refreshing drink of Lemon


A lazy market
On the way to Almora
Some houses
Market in Amlora
A famous khoya sweet of Almora
River which gives you company from Nanital to Almora
We went down to that river
On the way – Tandori Roti (baked bread)
Roti prepared in this tandoor

Uttarakhand Travel Diaries 


Uttarakhand Travel Diaries

I have been thinking of writing about my trip to Western Himalayan region –  Almora, Devasthal, Nanital and Mukteshwar from a long time but was never able to, so here is a small start on that series by posting some of the pictures of that trip.

This is a famous temple of that region on the way from Nanital to Devasthal. We went there to visit the astronomical site for Asia’s biggest telescope. On the way, just in front of this temple is a small shop which servers a juice of lemon along with some other herbs. It’s a must try thing for food lovers.


AN organic Tea Garden


The HIMDARSHAN POINT at Mukteshwar Inspection Bunglow is the best place to see Himalayan mountains. They have a map and direction telling Trishul peak, Nanda Devi and all.



There are the Himalayan Peaks in this picture but  not very clear at the back end.


My Dad’s Birthday

15th July 2017

It’s my Dad’s birthday and as usual I have got a gift for him. But as usual it will be difficult for me to tell him how much I love and respect him. He is my role model, my idle man. I have seen him standing strong in tough times, being besides when the whole world was against. He is like my silver lining, my Anchor. But might be we never had emotional talks, it’s always easy to tell Mom that I love her and all, but never to Dad.

Do you also face such issues? How to communicate better with your own father, strange naa? Communicating on any topic in the world is easy but expressing the thoughts, the easy words like “You are my hero”, “I love you” are so difficult. I look upon you for strength, I know when there will be no one, you will stand by me all along. Dad like you is a blessing, and I wish God made more like you, so that every daughter had a beautiful life and was proud of being a wonderful human being. I love you Dad, and a happy birthday to you!!!

Hope I will be able to convey this time. How do  you guys do it? Do suggest

A lazy Thursday

Well Friends,

As the title suggests, its been lazy lazy days or say months for me. I just feel drained out all the time and whenever I decide to write, can’t think of or say complete the blog ever. This one am committed to post 🙂

That makes me think, when you guys are feeling dull and lazy, how do you come out of it? Do comment, what works for you? For me –  is a ‘To do list’ and when I start ticking all the points that I have covered for the day, it gives more momentum to finish the tasks at hand.

Have a great day.


Just like that!

Picture 079.jpg

“Purani Jeans aur Guitar…” @2003

(Guitar is behind me, Elvis poster and that favorite Jacket my brother gifted)

I was going through old photos to find my marriage pics because my 4 year old wanted to see it. Strangely I was not able to find even a single one in facebook, picasa, flikr or old harddisc, some of the hard disc are corrupt, great discovery of losing all the data that I don’t even remember.

While going through the pics I realized I used to be so happy and bubbly those days, ie before June2006. Happy with friends, happy cooking something in the garden, happy to get a new poster, joyful with kiddoos, happy in cutting moody cakes, making small surprises for friends, decorating the house with handmade stuff on festivals, celebrating nothingness with family, charm of visiting new places, the list goes on. In all this, the point to be noted was, I was wearing good fitted smart clothes but they were not the super high brands or super expensive ones that I wear now. We were going to places but they were not luxury outings that we do now. The car or bike we drove was not BMW high end product. Everything was under budget and normal for a middle class Indian family. But the smile in those pics is getting reflected in the eyes too, the sparkle is visible.  I can feel the smell of those stuff, the new poster in my room, hand painted walls, own designed suits, handmade pond, the turtle in it,  everything. The music, the taste, the smell – All, I can feel!

But for the last 10 years, I feel nothing. The smile was missing when I got promoted, when I got a salary hike, when I drove my BMW, when I went to my dream places like Venice, Zürich, Helsinki, London, Uday Vilas palace, anywhere. When I wear some of the most expensive clothes, watches, perfumes, anything. When I try to play with my kids, mundane chores of the house. The feeling, the memory, the smile, the association is missing. I don’t get sparkles in the eyes nor do I get excited or feel anything. Why? The attachment is gone, the feel is gone, and the depth is gone, lost somewhere, burnt and carried away with the ashes of my brother. Death leaves us buried inside, everything inside dies, am living a pseudo life, a life without meaning, a life without feeling. Just because I have to keep moving, just because I have to keep breathing, just because I have to keep taking care of people near me, people I am responsible for, people who matter to me, people who are my life. It’s scary somewhere deep inside to loose someone again that I am not able to fully attach with my own kids, I don’t feel anything. Neither their success nor their laughter. Because am totally not into it. Deep inside I guess I have this feeling of what if I lose this person, I fear when they go out, I fear when they travel, I even fear when they go to school, what if they will never return, what if this was the last time I talked to them, what if this was the last touch. That ‘what’ keeps me packed inside. I want to feel the fresh air again, the smile again. I want to set free again! But how? How do I come out of this fear? How do I start living again?  How can I be the person I saw in the pics before 2006? I have no idea. Till then I guess the expression, the feeling, the laughter in my life will remain the typical Plastic smile, same in all pics always. Why do I need to publish this, it’s in an impulse. I might not do in after few minutes. Might be accepting it opening will change something. Might be facing it bang on will decrease it somehow. Let’s not judge!


The story teller


In India these monkey story tellers used to be common, but now a days they are seen only in folk based restaurants or special events.

I won’t go into the details of right or wrong treatment to the animals in this but unfortunately  this is a vanishing story telling art.



A home maker

When we have kids, the whole life revolves around them. How to behave, how to react to things , what to eat, where to go, everything. What do we get at the end, nothing.

I left my very rewarding and respected job before my second child was born (5 years back) because in the new city that we shifted I did not have support system to take care of them behind my back. Now after years, am considered a good for nothing home maker who has nothing significant to contribute in anyone’s life. Am the first to get up in the morning, do everything to make life smooth for the family, the last person to sleep, but still most of the people ask – what do you do the whole day? As if angles come and do things by magic.

Forget thankfulness or gratitude, my work is not even recognised by anyone because I am a simple home maker. On the other hand, the bread earner is respected and praised and given his due regards because he is the .. well Male of the house!

A women working and managing home is supposed to be superwoman- handle everything without being tired ever. But she does get a bit of respect because she is working. Home mom is worthless. Why??

Leave your self respect, your life for someone and expect nothing in return. Keep moving, keep doing!!

Is it not pathetic