Nanital – Uttarakhand Travel Diaries

Another of the Western Himalayan Region Trips – Nanital

I spent some of my early childhood years in Nanital. Still remember the Sundays we used to spend on the Flat, the chocobar we ate while going back home, an old man selling pastries in a tin box at his back, an earthquake when we were in the movie hall near Naina Devi temple ( where Sati’s Left Eyes (Naina) fell – Nanital ). The beautiful gardens and parks, the peaks, the snow, the paper aeroplanes we tried to throw in the lake from our home, everything!! Is so different now, only hotels wherever you see, traffic, tourists, all the old town charm gone! But still, its a beautiful place.

Sweet corn near the lake
Old men waiting for some customers, we loved to play with this in our childhood
Stalls in the market near Flat
Time for some Hats



The city from a side road
On the way…
Chai Shai



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