Almora – Uttarakhand Travel Diaries

Another post in one of my series of Western Himalayan Region.

I spent my early childhood in Almora and started schooling from this cozy little city, so my bonding and memories flooded back. Visit to this place took me back to my childhood, the running around in those markets, climbing and enjoying around. The smell of government hospital, sweets and lemon drink. City looked very congested and packed with tourists now. Huge traffic issues have made roads look very small and overflowing with people. Earlier there were hardly any faces and most of them familiar. Now it looked like a pool of strangers and imagine a Five floor parking on the hills. Police was controlling anyone to stop on the market road, preventing any traffic jam. Somewhere the beauty of the small town was lost.

Almora is located on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalaya range, at a distance of 365 km from the national capital New Delhi and 415 km from the state capital Dehradun.

Almora was founded in 1568 by King Kalyan Chand, however there are accounts of human settlements in the hills and surrounding region in the Hindu epic Mahabharata (8th and 9th century BCE). Almora was the seat of chand kings that ruled over the Kumaon Kingdom. It is considered the cultural heart of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.


A view on the way to Almora


Pine trees
Soaking the sun


Police controlling traffic
Refreshing drink of Lemon


A lazy market
On the way to Almora
Some houses
Market in Amlora
A famous khoya sweet of Almora
River which gives you company from Nanital to Almora
We went down to that river
On the way – Tandori Roti (baked bread)
Roti prepared in this tandoor

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