My Dad’s Birthday

15th July 2017

It’s my Dad’s birthday and as usual I have got a gift for him. But as usual it will be difficult for me to tell him how much I love and respect him. He is my role model, my idle man. I have seen him standing strong in tough times, being besides when the whole world was against. He is like my silver lining, my Anchor. But might be we never had emotional talks, it’s always easy to tell Mom that I love her and all, but never to Dad.

Do you also face such issues? How to communicate better with your own father, strange naa? Communicating on any topic in the world is easy but expressing the thoughts, the easy words like “You are my hero”, “I love you” are so difficult. I look upon you for strength, I know when there will be no one, you will stand by me all along. Dad like you is a blessing, and I wish God made more like you, so that every daughter had a beautiful life and was proud of being a wonderful human being. I love you Dad, and a happy birthday to you!!!

Hope I will be able to convey this time. How do  you guys do it? Do suggest


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