10 songs guaranteed to make you happy

Loved most of the songs

In Case of Fire, Use Stairs

I’ll admit it. I do just want everybody to get along. I am one of those people who wishes we could hug everything out. Because I can’t escape this part of myself, I have decided to force it upon you all. The following is a tiny smackeral of songs that I promise will make you smile. You might even feel inspired to launch into your own little happy dance.

Seriously. If you are not smiling by the time you get through the list, you let me know; and I will dispatch some bunnies to your house with a cache of red balloons and little baskets of chocolate buttons. [Don’t lie just for the buttons. It is a very time consuming process and the bunnies will only bestow them on the truly deserving.]

I tried to include actual videos and live footage. But a couple are slide shows [I did that…

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