A home maker

When we have kids, the whole life revolves around them. How to behave, how to react to things , what to eat, where to go, everything. What do we get at the end, nothing.

I left my very rewarding and respected job before my second child was born (5 years back) because in the new city that we shifted I did not have support system to take care of them behind my back. Now after years, am considered a good for nothing home maker who has nothing significant to contribute in anyone’s life. Am the first to get up in the morning, do everything to make life smooth for the family, the last person to sleep, but still most of the people ask – what do you do the whole day? As if angles come and do things by magic.

Forget thankfulness or gratitude, my work is not even recognised by anyone because I am a simple home maker. On the other hand, the bread earner is respected and praised and given his due regards because he is the .. well Male of the house!

A women working and managing home is supposed to be superwoman- handle everything without being tired ever. But she does get a bit of respect because she is working. Home mom is worthless. Why??

Leave your self respect, your life for someone and expect nothing in return. Keep moving, keep doing!!

Is it not pathetic


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