My experience with umbilical hernia

“You have umbilical hernia, no tests required”, was a simple diagnosis by my latest gynecologist in July 2016 ( almost 3 months back). She added further that let’s do a sonography to get the exact details.

Today I am one month post op and thought of sharing my experience because it took me 4 years to realize the real problem behind my strange fat tummy. After my second son was born in October 2012, my naval never went in. I lost the extra 10 kgs in one year but still the naval was out and the portion above it never flattened. I kept visiting gynecologist  and they kept telling me to increase workouts. In last 4 years I went to best hospitals of Ahmedabad and tried almost every diet possible on net and suggestions but my upper abs kept growing.

Imagine going for shopping and the salesman telling you – “Mam, try a bigger size, this won’t fit you” and your upper part fitting S but Middle one refusing even an L…. Frustrating is an understatement!!!!! I was desperate to wear good  dresses so started aerobics classes and gym, few days swimming n walking, whatever I could imagine possible in a day.

The best part was in January when one of my doctor said it’s umbilical hernia I think but do a sonography. The doctor while watching  internal organs said it’s not hernia, don’t bother what your gyn doctor says! This is the case of a very big brand of hospital in Ahmedabad (that sonographer even announced my mom did not have her uterus, when it’s there) and he is still playing with lives of patients. If this was USA, I would have sued him! Anyways, so the doctor told me to do core workouts and I did every Russian twist, push ups, planks, anything and everything that I should not have been doing with an umbilical hernia for next 6 months. Result – a very advanced and bad stage hernia which fortunately was operated on time. My intestine was coming out of the opening and there were other complications too.

Had it been known on time, I would have had better results and would not have ended up on bed for 3 weeks. A simple laparoscopic operation would have solved the problem. Now my surgeon advised to go for  traditional  open surgery to get better results inside. A mesh is kept and I need to avoid weights and bending for 3 months.

Just an advice to Indian moms that multiple pregnancies and weight gain can lead to naval hernia so if you have a protruding naval or bulging above it then do consult a doctor keeping in mind this party also because my aerobics instructor or gynaec were not able to help. Surgeons immediately will recognize it and a timely operation is always better than taking risk.

I will have to wait another 2 months before going back to gym now.

Some of the points to remember before going for operation (open with mesh)

1. I drove to the hospital on the day of operation but afterwards you cannot for at least two weeks (due to smooth Indian roads 🙂 )

2. Avoid heavy lifting for 3 months at least

3. Surgeons say you will be fine in two weeks, but I still feel pain around the mesh area often.

4. My monthly cycle has gone on a toss

5. First week you need all the help in the world, leave your house n kids on others because getting up and walking in itself will be a big task, I don’t know how they say you can go to work in few days ( might be lapro is easy)

6. I had post op complications,  had difficulty in breathing and they had to put me on oxygen for two days suspecting and treating pneumonia or pulmonary edema which made my stay longer in the hospital. The post op care was really good and immediately I was started on blood thinner and what ever medicines required plus an extensive monitoring round the clock. Recently I read in one of the forums that a lady died of pulmonary edema after 4 days of surgery which was shocking and I thanked my lucky stars for coming out of it safe. A suggestion, before going for surgery, do regular breathing exercise so that lungs function normally n you have less chances of developing pneumonia.

7. Well.. List will go on. I guess enough for a day. If there is anything you would like to ask or share, please feel free.


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